Hillpark, Manurewa, Auckland

Phone: 09 269 2885 | 021 182 9515

About Amy

This is me, with my four kids who are loads of fun and clearly full of life. They take up a good deal of my time but when I'm not busy with them (usually when they are off at Kindy/School) I work on my business. I've been photographing as a business for over 12 years, working on newborns for over 5 years. I've also worked in the fashion industry for a good chunk of my working career (with a degree in fashion) so my love for texture, colour and all things pretty has fallen into place with my love for photographing newborns.

I remember that moment when my first daughter was born and that immense unfathomable love I had for her, and also how I just could NOT Stop staring at how beautiful she was. As you can imagine I photographed her constantly and even though looking back those photos were nothing like what I can produce now, those photos still have huge meaning to me. And yes I felt the same way when each of my four kids were born (and the photos got a bit better each time).

I would love to be able to capture those moments for you, the amazing length of their eyelashes, their tiny but oh so perfect finger nails, the way the curl up so perfectly. It brings me a great joy to be able to create beautiful memories for families for generations to come.