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Identical Twin Girl Photos

These gorgeous twin girls, Rosie and Chloe came for a session earlier this year.  They slept perfectly and were a joy to photograph.  They look so amazingly similar, the only way to tell them apart was that Rosie was a fraction bigger.

If you are having twins and would like some beautiful photos like these please do get in touch.

auckland newborn twin photographerauckland newborn twin photographerauckland newborn twin photographerauckland newborn twin photographerauckland newborn twin photographerauckland newborn twin photographer

Erika, gorgeous 3 month old girl

Erika came to see me at 3 months.  I was fully prepared to do a session of a wide awake baby, little did I know Erika was perfectly happy to fall alseep during the session and let me pose her like a newborn.  I love getting sleepy shots of 3 month old babies as they are so chubby and cute.

3 month baby photos3 month baby photos3 month baby photos3 month baby photos

Gorgeous Newborn Girl

Olivia came to visit me at 11 days old.  She was the perfect little sleeper, and oh so cute.  Mum had requested blue and I was just so pleased as I have so many lovely blue items for girls that very rarely come out.  Blue has always been my favourite colour 🙂

Newborn_girl_Auckland015Auckland Newborn PhotographerNewborn_girl_Auckland021Newborn_girl_Auckland014Newborn_girl_Auckland016Newborn_girl_Auckland019Newborn_girl_Auckland020

Sweet Newborn Girl

Reign came to visit me at 9 days old.  Such a gorgeous wee girl and she even gave me a few smiles.  The dad had requested vintage pink for the session and I’m so glad he did (dad’s don’t often make any comment on colours) as it totally suited Reign and made for some stunning images.

If you would like newborn photos of you little one like these please don’t hesitate to get in touch here.


Aiden – 11 week old baby boy

Aiden came to see me at 11 weeks and I expected to see a fully wide awake baby but he arrived sleeping so I took advantage of that and got some gorgeous sleeping shots expecting that they would be the only ones I could get.  I was most surprised after taking some gorgeous awake shots to see him fall asleep and let me pose him much like a newborn.

If you would like photos like these of your baby please do get in touch via the contact page.  Even if you have missed out on newborn photos I can still capture photos of your baby at any age.