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Arya, sweet Newborn Girl

Arya was 17 days old for her newborn shoot and slept like a dream.  I absolutely adore the photos of her with her dad (scroll down to see) and the beautiful colour difference you can see in their skin tones.


Harvey and Stanley, twin boys

Harvey and Stanley were models for me for a video I did for the online newborn retreat, teaching photographers around the world how to pose newborn twins.  These boys were 6 weeks when they came to see me, and born 6 weeks premature. They were fantastic models and did all the poses I wanted to them to.

If you would like to learn how to pose twins it’s not too late to buy the 2017 Newborn Retreat videos: http://bit.ly/2eysIc5  There are videos from 24 amazing teachers and you can download them so you can view them at your leisure. Well worth it.

Newborn Twin PhotographyNewborn Twin PhotographyNewborn Twin PhotographyNewborn TwinsNewborn Twins

Identical Twin Girl Photos

These gorgeous twin girls, Rosie and Chloe came for a session earlier this year.  They slept perfectly and were a joy to photograph.  They look so amazingly similar, the only way to tell them apart was that Rosie was a fraction bigger.

If you are having twins and would like some beautiful photos like these please do get in touch.

auckland newborn twin photographerauckland newborn twin photographerauckland newborn twin photographerauckland newborn twin photographerauckland newborn twin photographerauckland newborn twin photographer

Erika, gorgeous 3 month old girl

Erika came to see me at 3 months.  I was fully prepared to do a session of a wide awake baby, little did I know Erika was perfectly happy to fall alseep during the session and let me pose her like a newborn.  I love getting sleepy shots of 3 month old babies as they are so chubby and cute.

3 month baby photos3 month baby photos3 month baby photos3 month baby photos

Gorgeous Newborn Girl

Olivia came to visit me at 11 days old.  She was the perfect little sleeper, and oh so cute.  Mum had requested blue and I was just so pleased as I have so many lovely blue items for girls that very rarely come out.  Blue has always been my favourite colour 🙂

Newborn_girl_Auckland015Auckland Newborn PhotographerNewborn_girl_Auckland021Newborn_girl_Auckland014Newborn_girl_Auckland016Newborn_girl_Auckland019Newborn_girl_Auckland020