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Newborn Boy Photography


Lincoln came to visit me at 7 days new and was a super calm baby with some gorgeous expressions.  His parents brought along some gorgeous aviator hats for both Lincoln and his big sister.

If you would like some gorgeous newborn photos like these please do contact me to book a space while you are still pregnant (exact due date does not need to be known).


Triplet Newborn Photos

Triplets are amazing to photograph to say the least, three bundles of joy altogether, and these triplets were full of smiles and character. They were 19 weeks when I photographed them, 15 weeks premature.  They had a rough start to life but their parents were so amazing and calm (although they admitted they weren’t that calm while the babies were in NICU).  They were such a pleasure to photograph and behaved pretty much like newborns.  They have a wonderful big brother who at 2.5 years old behaved amazingly well while we posed 3 babies around him.

The triplets are now over 1 year old and doing amazingly well by all accounts. There was an article in the NZ Herald a recently about them if you’re interested to see how much they have grown: http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=11434564

Cameron, Molly, Harry (2 year old) and Joshua.


Newborn boy – 10 days

Joel was the first baby into my studio this year and slept like a dream.  He was 10 days old for his photo shoot.

If you would like beautiful newborn photos like these ones please do get in touch, it is advisable to book whilst still pregnant so I can hold a space for you.


Mentoring Student – Steph Reid

Steph Reid came to visit me in August of 2014 for a 1:1 mentoring session. Steph came all the way from Queenstown to learn from me and we had two wonderful models for the day.  Steph’s work has grown so much since the session and it’s been so lovely to watch her progress, both in her work and also confidence in her pricing.

Here is her review of the mentoring:
Thank you Amy for sharing your wealth of knowledge throughout your amazing 1:1 workshop. My confidence in posing and settling and post production since taking your workshop has increased significantly. I always wondered how Amy got those beautiful, crisp and relaxed looking photos. In the workshop I learned so much from start to finish and am very proud of my work since attending noticing weekly growth even now 8 months on. I am also so grateful for all her help AFTER the workshop too.. answering questions and giving constructive criticism is helping me move forward and I have also created some lovely friends through her post-workshop Facebook group who are all on similar journeys to mine. The move from natural lighting to studio lighting was something i decided very last minute and it has been one the best moves i could have made in my photography, thank you for making it such an easy transition Amy.



5 week Newborn Girl

Gorgeous Zoe came for her newborn photos at 5 weeks of age.  Her mum stayed home with her for the first 4 weeks which was part of her culture.  I think there is huge merit in that tradition, Zoe’s parents were so relaxed when they came in for their session, you can tell that the parent help they get in those first 4 weeks really helps mum’s adjust to life with a new baby.  And Zoe was a breeze to photograph, giving me some gorgeous eye open shots as well as plenty of sleepy ones.

If you would like to have photos like these with your newborn, whether baby is a few days or a few weeks old please don’t hesitate to get in touch.  I’d love to capture memories like these for your family.