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Gabriel, 7 weeks, Auckland

Gabriel came to me when he was 7 weeks old.  This was one of the most touching sessions I’ve done to date. 7 weeks is rather old for a newborn but his parents were unsure at that stage whether they would be able to adopt him.  They were caring for him full time but hadn’t received word whether he could in fact be theirs.  His mum came back a few weeks later to view the photos and received a phone call just before she came to me that they could keep him, so I was one of the first people to hear the news, needless to say there were tears all around.  Gabriel is now over a year old and much loved by his parents, his is one lucky kid to have such a great mum and dad.


Amelia – One Year Old – Amy Cope Photography, Auckland Baby Photographer

My daughter Amelia turned one in October, and I’ve been so flat out that I haven’t had a chance to edit the photos I took of her.  So I sat down today and edited some photos.  It is truly so lovely to have such beautiful photos of my wee girl, makes me realise what my clients must feel when they see their photos.  It’s hard to believe that this little beauty is mine, I photograph so many other babies, and to see my baby on screen and looking so stunning is sometimes hard to grasp.  And she’s my last baby, so I guess I’m just a little bit emotional about everything when it comes to her.