Older Newborn Photography

Mireya, 9 weeks

This blog post is about photographing babies who are over 4 weeks.  It’s aimed at parents who feel like they may have missed the boat if they don’t get baby photographed in those first 10 days.  Yes under 10 days is ideal so they are super sleepy and still in that curly stage, and their skin is still mostly perfect.  But it is not always possible for many reasons and that shouldn’t mean you can’t still get gorgeous newborn photos (if you keep scrolling you will see some wonderful examples with the ages of the babies included).

I get many clients who come to me when baby is over 4 weeks of age, and all the babies in this post are over 4 weeks of age and up to 19 weeks for one set of triplets who spent 15 weeks in NICU.

So what are the reasons for parents needing to come in later with baby?

  1. Baby was born early and needs to be in NICU for a time – this is no issue at all, we will just schedule the time once baby is out of hospital.  This is especially common with multiples and you will see multiples of varying ages in this blog post.
  2. Asian and Indian families (and no doubt other cultures) have around four to five weeks at home being looked after by family members and not able to leave the home.  I think this is an amazing tradition and so good for the parents so I’m very happy to schedule the shoot for when baby is 4-5 weeks old.
  3. If my schedule is full and I’m unable to fit them in for a week or two.  I have been so pleased when clients are more than happy to wait to get photos with me during my busy times.  And I can still get brilliant results for them at any age.
  4. I had one client who hadn’t been able to confirm the adoption of their baby so the photos took place at a later age and still worked out beautifully.
  5. If I am sick I won’t photograph babies so I will reschedule any shoots until I am well, and sometimes this may be over that 10 day mark or later.  Or the parents or baby maybe sick and unable to make the shoot when baby is under 10 days.  None of this should be an issue as the health of baby is far more important than the age at which photos are taken.
  6. I have to take some holidays throughout the year, especially around school holiday time.  I do my best to fit clients in where I can but sometimes this does mean waiting a week or two to get in, in which case baby is a bit older.

And as a huge positive for photos of slightly older babies, you usually get lots of lovely eye open shots as well.

So please if you are considering having photos and worried about having to get them in those first 10 days please don’t fear.  I am very skilled at posing babies of any age.  Do I still recommend pre-booking before baby is born? Yes I do.  The reason being is that the communication between us has started and you can feel free to get in touch anytime to let me know baby has arrived and we can book the session date.  We might book the session date for when baby is 5 weeks old, but at least I know then to keep that date for you and you know you have a session date booked and sorted.

Here are some examples of babies over the 4 week mark.
Fifita, 4 weeks
Lucas, 6 weeks
Mila, 4 weeks
4 week old twins newborn photography
Harper and Kenzie, 4 weeks
Hannah, 4 weeks
Jack, 6 weeks
19 week newborn triplet photos
Cameron, Molly and Joshua, 19 weeks
Aiden, 11 weeks
Frederick, 7 weeks
5 week newborn photos
Elliot, 5 weeks
Indian newborn baby boy, 5 weeks, photography
Raghav, 5 weeks
4 week newborn and sibling photos
Emma, 5 weeks
5 week old twin newborn photography
Isabella and Molly, 5 weeks
4 week baby photos
Addison, 4 weeks
6 week Indian boy newborn photos
Ashneel, 6 weeks
7 week Indian baby photos
Gabriel, 7 weeks
4 week newborn photography
Gracie, 5 weeks
10 week old triplet newborn photography
Holly, Jack and Kate, 10 weeks
6 week old newborn photos
Sophie, 6 weeks
4 week old Asian newborn photography
Zoe, 5 weeks